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Welcome fellow ranchers to Elk Rock Ranch. We have been having great success and fun working with our fellow ranchers putting on hunts. We would invite you to use our facility to bring bigger and better bottom lines to your ranch now and years to come. This is done by good old fashion out west hunting professional guides coupled with top notch facilities. This experience will bring them back for years to come and they will be harvesting your animals.  Here's what you can do. Market your animals, sell the hunt, and let us put on the hunt of a life time for your client.
Here is a checklist of the things that need to be done to have a successful hunt.
  1. Paperwork must be in order to ship animals. Please fax to us 2 weeks prior to the hunt.
  2. Plan out your food and feeding program. Elk Rock dose not provide food for your elk. There are great watering holes (tested frequently by Elk Rock staff).
From pubs to 5 star restraunts, whether your costumers are rugged or little on the tender side we will make their dreams come true. You and your customers can drive up or fly into our runway. The hunts are 3 days / 2 nights. Base fee is $2000 with a cap of $7000.
Email us now to schedule for 2009 season! Dates are limited.
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